A recent survey of 1000 UK home owners found that nearly a third are unhappy with the state of their current abode, with many itching to either up sticks or make some major changes.

While some of these problems were inherited from previous owners, others were the result of hasty DIY decisions, with some expressing regret about their previous decorating choices.

Topping the list of interior bugbears and design faux pas were (in order of dislike):

👉 Woodchip cupboards and surfaces in kitchens that warped, buckled or just looked cheap

👉 Artex plastering/decorating moulding on walls or ceilings that is difficult to repair

👉 Carpeted bathrooms that create damp problems

👉 Statement walls that dated too quickly

👉 Quote decals that were difficult to remove

By far and away, the room generating the most dissatisfaction was the kitchen, followed by the master bedroom, dining room and spare bedroom. Living rooms only came in at a surprising fifth place, followed by the bathroom.

What room in your house would you most like to change?