Need to style a property for sale/rent so that it looks bang up to date? According to those ‘in the know’, cool colours and sleek minimalism are on the wane as people long for warmer, slightly quirkier spaces that feel more authentic, warm and comfortable.
Here’s a list of five interior design trends you may want to bear in mind.
• Furniture & finishing’s: Ditch cool greys and desaturated colours for a warmer palette when it comes to interior finishings. Think vibrant accents, especially corals and primary colours.
• Walls: Accent walls remain popular but not they’re not everyone’s taste. If you prefer muted tones, opt for soft greens: eucalyptus and sage are currently all the rage
• Cupboards and Surfaces: Raw, industrial finishings in natural materials like marble or wood are also making a comeback, especially if they’re uniquely ‘flawed’ in some way e.g. not sanded down but showing their grain – this adds that natural beauty which appeals to people’s inner hipster/nature lover
• Bathrooms: Black matte bathroom fittings, stone sinks and slatted wooden bathmats seem to be popular. Again, breaking the mould seems to be a big theme right now.
• Kitchens: Colourful kitchen appliances, patterned flooring and space-saving, utilitarian metal industrial-style shelving are where it’s at, along with curves and unusual lighting

Any here appeal to you?