What are the most germ infected appliances in our homes?

Laptop and Computers – how often do you wipe them down? The germs most likely hiding on your laptop are “staphylococci, streptococci and some airborne bacteria such as micrococci” which can lead to skin infections and a sore throat. Use alcohol wipes or a small quantity of rubbing alcohol applied to a microfibre cloth to clean.

The TV remote controller is touched daily and, sometimes, by several hands. What’s more, many people eat in front of the TV, making their hands potentially sticky with foods, the same advice applies as for the laptop.

Bathroom tap – The damp and humid conditions of a bathroom make it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. With the tap often being the first thing people touch after going to the toilet, it’s, therefore, the dirtiest. Make sure to clean regularly with a bacteria-killing cleaner to keep the family safe.

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