We love this quote “never let a good crisis go to waste” (Rahm Emanuel), it’s hard to find anyone that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic but it will be over eventually, what lessons can we take forward?
1. We have learnt that we can get by with much less and realised the importance of family time, perhaps the current crisis will lead us to live with more mindfulness. Will the drive for ‘more’ be replaced with an attitude of gratefulness?
2. Communication and remote working have come into its own, technology has been leveraged so businesses can carry on. Will this lead to a more flexible way of working in the future?
3. Pollution levels have dropped around the world as human activity has been forced to stop, its amazing how nature recovers when humans are out of the way! Let us hope this moves us to a sustainable way of living in the future.
What changes will you make in your life after the pandemic?