What is a clever alternative to extending your home?

Look up! Have you got attic space going to waste? A well-designed loft conversion can be the ‘cherry on the top’ of your home! It’s a clever alternative to an extension that could up your property’s value.

Creating more space in a busy family home can be more accessible than you think with a loft conversion, you could add a master suite, a guest bedroom, teenage hideaway, music room, office, kids’ playroom, there are almost endless possibilities with a loft conversion.
First of all work out if it’s possible to convert your loft, a floor to ceiling height of 2.3 -2.4M mark in a finished conversion, is what most people consider as “normal”. Also, the access stairs into the loft, is there enough room?

If your loft conversion is on the smaller side, or you’re opting for a couple of small rooms as opposed to one large one, take advantage of the naturally cosy feel offered by small spaces. Making the most of a loft conversion often means embracing the awkward spaces that can accompany them, you can create a unique room with clever design.
We are experienced in designing loft conversions within permitted development rules or more elaborate designs subject to formal planning applications. Talk to the Pawlus team today!