It’s international children’s day coming up on June the 1st so how can we mark the occasion here at Pawlus?

Construction games of course, here are 3 simple games you can try at home!

Foreman Says – This game is played like Simon Says except the Foreman will replace Simon!

Tape the Foreman – Divide the kids into two teams. Choose one person from each team to be the foreman. Provide each team with a roll of caution tape that they will use to wrap around the foreman. The first team to completely cover the foreman wins.

Guess the Tool – You will need a variety of tools, either blindfold the children or use a box and let the children guess the tool, bonus points of they know what the tool is used for!

3 great games to play with any little builders out there!

What is you favourite game to play with your children?

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