I do not think there is a proper time for #renovation.

We always find something that will convince us that it is not yet time. The factor that accelerates the decision to get buried in the depths of the Armageddon is usually the first rays of a warmer sun, the approaching family meeting or planned long holidays on the plot outside the city. And although carrying out this more difficult than open-heart surgery, from the beginning it arouses fear, increased tension between spouses, increased interior decoration of waste paper and calling crisis staff, we must admit directly – we all are waiting for it. For those who are properly prepared for the renovation of an apartment, we can survive it without the breakdown of marriage, losses in people and property.

Regardless of whether we have the right knowledge, ideas or materials, it is worth focusing on the right team for renovation. It is her relatively quick and without major losses that will lead us through the grip of this terrible undertaking.