🖌Choosing the right color for the room we have to take into account the fact that the white color has … many shades. White is not always white, so if we decide on it, we should think for a moment which shade can be more useful in the interior.

Choosing simple white is pure basic. You can’t go wrong with the warm shade. In the kitchen, white walls are classic. If you want your space to look as light and airy as possible, choosing white there will combine perfect with a white marble island. In other rooms, this shade looks great with modern, minimalist decor (and when you don’t want much differentiation between your walls and ceiling).

Spatial White is a white with a hint of gray, and it goes with literally anything. No matter how eclectic your decor is, it’ll blend right in. And broken white will last longer … white. It will be easier to care for the wall. Greenish notes, make it perfect for a boho-inspired oasis. In this kind of rooms, plants will look perfectly.