Why has the Chrysler building got a spire on top?

The Chrysler building must be one of New York’s most iconic buildings, built-in 1929 in standing 925ft-high it was part of the intense race to the sky!

There was a big rivalry at the time to build the tallest skyscraper between William Van Allen (Chrysler building) and H. Craig Severance (40 Wall Street Building). William Van Allen was so obsessed with winning this competition, he added a 180ft spire to the top of his building to ensure that his building would be taller.

When the building opened in 1931, people could go up to the 71st-floor observatory in the spire and take in views of the city from all four sides for 50 cents.

Unfortunately, the building only held the tallest skyscraper record for 11 months as it was superseded by the Empire State Building which was 4 stories higher!

What’s your favourite skyscraper?

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