Before the pandemic, it’s estimated 70% of people had never entertained the idea of working from home, fast forward a couple of months and an estimated 20 million ditched the daily commute for a 10-sec walk to makeshift desks on dining tables and breakfast bars.

The indication from the big tech companies is this change is here to stay with Twitter announcing that it will let some of its workforce work from home forever and Facebook expect half of its staff to work from home within the next 10 years.

Many large corporations are likely to follow suit so how will these changes affect home design?

We are now more aware than ever of the need for multifunctional spaces for living, working, exercising, and schooling.

Obviously, huge emphasis now needs to be put on facilitating a space for home working, and multi-functional rooms that can be adapted depending on what time of day it is. Think home gyms, yoga rooms and offices!

How has your home use changed over lockdown?