Windows and doors are not just decorative elements of the house. They let light into rooms, allow us to move between rooms, and provide security.

With their help, we can create beautiful winter gardens or orangery. The possibilities of their use are limitless – only our imagination limits us.

Did you know that a lot of thermal energy escapes through the windows and doors? Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of them. If you think that the matter does not concern you – you can be wrong! Sometimes windows that look really good can have fissures through which heat escapes. In the case of doors, these can be badly matched thresholds.

Windows and doors renovations and installations carried out with the help of our company can make you not only save on the heating bills a year, you will get a tasteful finish of your beautiful apartments. We will create spaces for you that will allow you to relax and spend time in your own home.

Contact us, we will tell you how you can replace or improve your windows and doors. Let yourself have a bit of luck and luxury in your own apartment. Only Pawlus Construction.