Did you know that only a third of burglaries that are reported to the police ever get solved? Figures tend to increase in the winter when longer hours of darkness provide the perfect cover for crooks wanting to break in undetected.

If you live on your own, or want to protect your family, perhaps because you’re away a lot or have a high profile career, then it’s a good idea to get a smart home security system installed.

The latest technology goes beyond things like alarms and motion sensors – it also includes features such as detectors that alert you to water leakage, fire/smoke or even problems with key devices/appliances. Some can even be paired with other smart home tech features to allow you to control things like lighting and heating.

It’s usually best to opt for a wired system that won’t be affected by power outages or fluctuations in wifi signal that leave your property vulnerable. Choosing to install it at the same time as carrying out other key home renovations is one way to save money and kill two birds with one stone.

Are you concerned about security at home?