Would you like to make painting easier?

Painting a room can be a laborious task but there are a few hacks which can make your life easier!

1. Keep your paint trays clean! Cover the tray with a plastic bag before you pour in the paint. When you are finished just remove the bag and throw it away. You can also use heavy-duty cling film or foil. No more messy cleaning of paint trays!
2. Wiping a brush on the side of a paint tin to remove excess paint leads to drips and paint spots on the floor, instead a simple rubber band stretched across the middle of the paint will allow you to wipe excess paint off the brush, allowing it to fall back into the container, rather than dripping down the sides of the tin.
3. Temperature changes can spoil leftover paint, so if you have any surplus after your latest project, pop it in a mason jar, rather than in the garden shed. Then you have paint available for touch-ups in the future!
3 quick tips to make redecorating a little easier! Are planning any major decorating projects?

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